LaynieWear in the press!

I know, it’s crazy, but I’ve been reviewed/blogged/interviewed and stuff!

At Fabulously Free in SL:
My valentine dollarbie…
80s Girl Costume and Freebie Corset Set

At Linden Lifestyles:
Tees and Socks…
Cherry Lingerie Set, Tulle Skirt

At Second Style Fashionista:
Vanessa, Elaine

At Freckled Toad Hallucinations:

At Shopping Cart Disco:
My stripey socks…
Oooooh, an interview!

At SL Fashion Notes:
Elaine, Elise, Vanessa, Teagan, and some Pirate wear…

At Ana Lutetia:
Teagan Bamboo

At House of Zen:

At Couture Debut:
All SORTS of things!

At Second Mirage:
Woo, Vanessa!

At Be Less Stupid:
Teagan Bamboo

At SL Shopping guide:
Clothing basics (tees, socks, etc)
Vanessa and Elise

At SLShopaholic:
Teagan Bamboo

Rez day freebies

Green stripe knee socks

My Heart dollarbie

At Amiko*Amikino:
Teagan Yellow
Teagan Yellow Again

At Random Acts of Style:
Holly socks

My protest skin:
Second Life Shopping Sherpa
Hello Down There
Dot in Second Life
Fab Free in SL
Second Life Watch
Ana Lutetia
Second Life Shopping Sherpa

Essence Blog

Does This Make My Ass Look Fat
Ryker Beck

My stuff on the SL Main page!


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